Easter eggs in video games are strange things, coming in many different shapes, sizes and experiences. There are odd ones, like the wacky 1/1000 reload animations in Battlefield 4, or the giant bunnies in the Saint’s Row franchise.

However, sometimes they can be a bit more nuanced, referencing previous instalments of a game, or sometimes completely different franchises. Maybe the developers had an inside joke around the office, maybe something about the game’s promotion became popular amongst fans.

Regardless, it’s fair to say that easter eggs in
horror games can be a little bit different to experience, particularly as the
tension is already so high in these types of games. Often they’re able to add
an extra notch of creepiness, or sometimes, a ray of comfort; a
little joke to offer some levity in such a heart-racing situation.

From the
story of a misspelled sign, all the way through to clever little dogs, lake monsters and a full-blown tribute to Twin Peaks, horror video games often have some of the best references of them all.

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