At the same time, esports have been shown to have the same benefits as regular sports, with an emphasis on teamwork, communication and overcoming obstacles.

Like a football or basketball team, players on esports teams train regularly, taking part in drills and sharpening their acumen.

Gateway Technical College announced the formation of an esports club this year, and UW-Parkside is preparing to offer an esports program in the fall. More and more high schools and colleges are also starting esports teams.

As the activity explodes, it stands to reason that the state should step up.

“The passage of this bill would be a critical step in positioning Wisconsin as a leader in the global esports industry,” said James O’Hagan, Racine educator and founder of the Academy of Esports.

“With a projected $100 million in collegiate scholarships by 2023, the funds in this bill will ensure equitable access to this extraordinary opportunity for our state’s students and place Wisconsin at the forefront of the national conversation about education and esports.”

The time for scoffing at gamers and stereotyping them is over. Esports is a wave of the future and should be regarded no differently than traditional sports.

We agree that Wisconsin should take the plunge into esports and strongly consider the merits of the bill proposed by the legislators.

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