Big change for Chances

Some changes, both small and big are coming to Chances Gaming on Springfield Road in Kelowna.

Chances will be back before city council Monday, seeking a zoning bylaw amendment to allow for construction of two additions to the current building.

The company says it requires the expansions to make room for live table games recently approved by council, and the steady increase in visitors over the past few years.

“To respond to growing local demand, Chances is proposing additions to the existing building to provide support space including additional electrical room space and office spaces to be used by the casino repair technicians,” a staff report states.

These additions will increase the building footprint along the west façade (130.8m2) which reduces the side yard from 15.0m to 14.0m and along the south façade (34.2m2) which reduces the rear yard from 21.0m to 18.0m. The proposed additions also increase the site coverage from 25% to 26%.”

While not included within Monday’s application, Chances has indicated plans for “significant change” in the future.

These future development plans will require additional development applications and are anticipated to significantly change the CD16 –Bingo and Gaming zone, as well as substantially change the existing building form and scale,” the report adds.

“However, the applicants are not ready to make these applications at this time as they are still working through their preferred design and development plans.”

Chances does own the adjacent property which presently houses Rona.

The casino, like others around B.C., is not open as the province looks to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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