The esports scene has progressed far more than perhaps its creators ever anticipated, with various games like FIFA 20, Overwatch and Rocket League pulling in a whole host of professional players, alongside a wide variety of other games in which professional players can compete in too. The growth in popularity with fans is on the rise also, as the relatively new world of esports continues to make its mark.


Esports even has a vibrant betting culture, with fans from all around the globe backing their favourite stars to reign supreme. Just like soccer supporters place various bets on their favourite team to win or their hotly tipped goal-getter to score, countless betting websites now cater for an esports market. This, alongside the fact that hugely popular television networks have gained the rights to various esports tournaments, accompanied by the likes of YouTube being inundated with professional esports gamers sharing their content too, suggests that esports and its overall offering is clearly growing.


As hardcore Star Wars fans, though, we aren’t exactly catered to when it comes to the esports package. There isn’t a Star Wars game available on the esports gaming scene, and it seems like one won’t be coming our way anytime soon, or will it?


The likes of Star Wars Battlefront II is a creation that has perhaps come the closest to esports, but the game would still need a hell of a lot of work if it were to adapt to a competitive esports environment. Some would argue that it just simply wouldn’t work, but a few adjustments could perhaps change that. It’s certainly worth exploring, you’d think, especially given Star Wars’ mass appeal and esports’ desire to reach new people who perhaps might not have been tapped into yet.


In Star Wars Battlefront II’s case – and as we touched on briefly above – the game would need a lot of work should it ever be introduced into a competitive esports environment. Various features that would perhaps need to be considered would be, for example, a ranking system which would include statistics, a competitive gaming mode for non-casuals, an intuitive comms system, a more stable server connection design, a detailed update of client-side statistics, faster patch releases and, finally, an esports oriented development team whose sole focus would be to tailor the game towards an esports market.

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Obviously, we can’t talk about eSports without mentioning the rise in eSports betting. The two go hand in hand due to the professional tournaments in eSports, and betting sites are looking a slice of the action. It works like normal betting. For instance, just as the Kansas City Chiefs are 5/6 favourites to win the Super Bowl ahead of the 49ers at even money, eSports teams like Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe are 7/2 and 9/2 to win the Call of Duty League. The good news is that eSports bettors can avail of similar promotions to those who bet on regular sports. You can view this list of free bet without deposit bonuses to get a flavor of what we mean.


We’ve probably missed a few things off the list, but hopefully, you get the picture. Essentially – and put bluntly – Star Wars Battlefront II is miles off becoming an esports-ready game, but it certainly has the capabilities to adapt to future releases. And judging by the vast pull Star Wars as a franchise has, you’d think the likes of DICE, Criterion Software and Motive Studios would be exploring their options moving forward with the ultimate aim of delivering the next Star Wars creation to an esports audience. Right now, though, the game simply isn’t suitable.


There is an apparent demand for Star Wars Battlefront II though, with over 9 million games sold worldwide during a three-month period from October to December 2017, with Star Wars Battlefront I raking in a hugely impressive 13 million – and that was just during the holiday season alone. The game is clearly garnering up huge interest judging by those figures, so a move into esports would surely make even more sense.


Esports is taking over, and it’s only going to get bigger and better. Now it’s time for Star Wars to join the revolution too.


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