On Tuesday, February 18, EA’s servers went down, impacting the vast majority of the company’s online services. EA has acknowledged that its servers are currently down, and it is working on a fix. It’s promised to keep fans informed as to when the services may be restored.

With EA’s servers down, this means that players are unable to play some of the company’s most popular games, including titles from the FIFA and Battlefield franchises. Other online EA games, like the Madden series for instance, are also inaccessible at the time of this writing. However, it’s not just video games that are down right now.

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Both EA Help and EA Origin are also down right now. This means that not only can players not play various EA games online right now, but they also can’t access their games library at all through the Origin launcher. This means that there are many players who can’t even play their single-player EA games right now. It’s unclear how widespread this is, but the language used by EA seems to suggest that most players are currently dealing with these issues.

UPDATE 2/18  – A couple of hours after the EA servers went down, the official EA Help Twitter page announced that services had been restored. However, it appeared as though many users were still experiencing issues with various EA games, ranging from FIFA to the popular Apex Legends battle royale. As a result, EA Help tweeted out again about three hours later, acknowledging that users were still having issues using its services.

Luckily, fans of EA’s video games didn’t have to wait much longer for yet another update. EA Help tweeted out again about an hour after that to confirm that its services have been restored across the board. This means that all players should once again be able to access the online portions of all EA games, along with the EA Origin game launcher on PC.

It’s unclear exactly what happened to make the EA servers go down today. And like the recent GTA Online outages or other video game service outages, it’s unlikely that any additional information will be shared.

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