ESPAT, defined as Esports, Pixels and Technology, founded in New York City in May 2018, supports photographers and videographers while providing a platform infrastructure for publishers, organizations, leagues, teams, sponsors and agencies. The ESPAT leadership team brings 40 years of experience in content creation and licensing within traditional sports. “We are focused on leveraging our team’s experience and technology to expand our partners’ distribution and become the definitive esports and gaming licensing platform” said Ed Brooks, co-founder / CEO at ESPAT.

The ESPAT partner program is designed to attract publishers, organizers, leagues and teams with the ability to distribute and monetize their digital assets. “Our team is addressing the fragmentation of third party archives and the lack of real-time global accessibility,” said Mario Prosperino, co-founder / COO of ESPAT.

ESPAT aims to become a recognized leader in the esports and gaming media marketplace, providing subscribers with a visual perspective that is the closest thing to being at an event. Register online at or join our partner program at

ESPAT Media Group, Inc. is facilitating digital media assets for the editorial and commercial user worldwide. The company is based in New York City and was founded in 2018 with a mission to distribute esports content to a worldwide audience while offering royalty transparency.

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