A computer and a keyboard may not be your typical sports equipment but that’s all Woodstock Academy’s esports team needs to compete for another state title. 

was really excited we had a team here because I used to attend another school
in California and they didn’t have a team,” said Woodstock Academy senior Zhou

have a lot of hours in this game,” added Woodstock Academy esports coach Thomas
Young. “They play all the time.”

Academy’s League of Legends team hasn’t lost a game all season. All five
players are enjoying showing off their skills. 

they play, you can really see them coming out of their shells,” said Young. “It
really is giving them some of those skills that if they’re not on another team
based sport, they wouldn’t have access to.” 

like in traditional sports, teamwork is key. 

need a lot of talking,” said Zejun.

the opponent, seeing what the opponents like to do and their play styles,”
added Young. 

best players have a mental edge. 

about your brain,” said Zejun. “Coordination between your eyes and your

more schools begin to introduce the sport, the more popular it becomes. 

think the more streams we get out there, the more social media we can push with
esports, it’s really going to solidify it as a solid high school offering,”
said Young. 

is the second year esports has been a sanctioned varsity sport in Connecticut.

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