Bandung-based software developer Agate has collaborated with Indonesian electronic sports (esports) team Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) to release Indonesia’s first esports mobile manager simulation game.

Called Esports King, the game enables players to act as managers of a team. They have to form and train the team to compete against other contestants to win.

Esports are gaming competitions with multiple players often called pro-players.

Arief Widhiyasa, CEO of Agate, said that it had spent three years in creating the game. “We hope [it] can be a form of education for esports enthusiasts in which we provide a role in the game that is as equally important as the players,” Arief said in a statement.

When playing the simulation game, players are required to recruit the best members for the team and sharpen their skills. They have to create their own strategies to overcome challenges and beat different enemies in every level of the game.

Three positions are available in Esports King for team members, namely assaulter, specialist and tanker. The assaulter is said to be the fastest member who is expected to tackle sudden attacks from the specialist, while the specialist has the job of shooting and defeating the enemy.

The tanker is the strongest member whose job is to beat the assaulter. However, it may be difficult for the tanker to defeat the specialist if the competition occurs in a wide open area.

Esports King will be available for download on Friday on Play Store and soon will be available on App Store.

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