MARTINSBURG — Logan Kramer is taking an atypical, somewhat new route to playing sports in college. A Martinsburg student, Kramer signed his letter of intent to join the eSports team at West Virginia Wesleyan on Friday, one of the first in the area to venture into this new realm of sports.

“I’m very excited. I didn’t plan on it being this way, but things worked out in my favor for sure,” he said.

ESports is a new part of the sports world, focusing on competitive video game playing among a few other aspects that go into the team. Wesleyan was the first college in the state to offer it at a varsity level with athletic scholarships, a program that started in 2018, and when Kramer found out, he tried his best to take advantage of the opportunity.

“They had a college fair at our school, and Wesleyan was one the options. They had a small pamphlet sitting on the corner of the desk that said eSports on it. I had heard of eSports before, so I decided to check them out and I applied. I applied to multiple colleges,” he said. “I had gotten accepted with a presidential scholarship to Wesleyan, and I got in contact with the head coach. He told me to send over a few things, and I did. He went through the review process. That took a month or two. He got back to me with the paper to sign the letter of intent, saying I got accepted to the team.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t really thing I could make it this far, but everyone has their dreams and this is how mine worked out.”

Because Martinsburg doesn’t have a club yet and eSports is such a new venture, Kramer hasn’t really delved much into the world aside from playing. Right now for him, Kramer’s eSports world focuses on Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

“Fortnite came out about a year or two ago, and I got started into at the time when we didn’t have Internet. It was a free game, so I downloaded it. It just kind of evolved from there,” he said. “I got really good at it, and I got a creator code, which allowed me to gain a little bit of profit from people when they bought something from the item shop. If they typed in my code, I would get a small percentage of the profits. From then on out, I just decided to focus on it competitively.”


Martinsburg’s Logan Kramer signs his letter of intent to join the eSports team at West Virginia Wesleyan as his parents look on proudly Friday in the Martinsburg High Media Center.

A PC player, Kramer’s interest in video games and computers in general has always been there. Wesleyan just presented him with the chance to continue what he loves as well as focus on his future.

“(I’m a) gamer at heart. Started out with a DS,” he said with a smile. “I loved playing Pokemon when I was little. That was what I had for the DS for the longest time. Then, I think after that it was probably Madden because I was into football at the time. Then it evolved into first-person shooter type of games, FPS. From there, I found Fortnite, and ever since, Fortnite and Modern Warfare have been my two favorite.”

Always a gamer but not always specific to PC, Kramer transitioned through systems until his found his love for computer games in recent years.

“I started out on PS3, then went to Xbox One, and I started Fortnite on that but I wasn’t very good. I think it was two Christmases ago, (my mom) helped me pick out some parts for a computer, and I built a computer myself. Then, I sought that as an opportunity to get better at Fortnite,” he said.

It was more than just eSports that drew Kramer to Wesleyan, though. When it comes down to it, Wesleyan was just the perfect combination of everything he was looking for for his future.

“I saw they had a wide variety of options for scholarships, and I was really looking into that because I saw the tuition was a little pricey as it is a private school. Once I really figured out a plan for scholarships, that’s when I really focused on Wesleyan for where I wanted to go to,” he said. “I went to Wesleyan and met the coaches and my professor. It’s build around a church. They have the largest pipe organ in our area. It’s a little further outside of home, below Morgantown, in Buckhannon. It will be a little bit away from where we are now, but it will allow me to gain my independence while still being close enough that if I need something.

“I liked Shepherd, but the major I’m going into, computer information sciences, wasn’t as highly regarded as Wesleyan or Fairmont. Fairmont is really highly coveted for their computer information sciences because of the professor, but the professor moved to Wesleyan. I really sought that as an opportunity to take that.”

Kramer’s love for computers will also guide him in his major as he plans on studying computer information sciences. Though Kramer isn’t completely sure where that career may take him, he’s happy to be studying something he truly loves with high hopes for his future.

“Nothing really in particular, but I just have a love for computers and the way they work. If I can get a degree in it, maybe someone might sought after me for what I do,” he said.

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