The New Zealand Esports Federation (NZESF) are delighted
to announce that Sport New Zealand completed its assessment
of an application from the NZESF and determined that the
NZESF met the criteria to be confirmed as the National
Sporting Organisation for esports in New Zealand. This was
formally confirmed by Sport New Zealand by letter on Friday
20th March 2020.

New Zealand is only the twenty-first
country globally to recognise a national body for esports,
either directly or through their National Olympic Committees
or National Sport Agencies. This decision comes at the end
of a four year journey, when the NZESF was incorporated in
March 2016.

With the NZESF now recognised as the
governing body for esports in New Zealand, the NZESF gains
clarity on regulation, education and distribution within the
country. Guidelines and processes for visas and tax
statuses, prize money distribution regulation for players,
resources towards education and travel costs for
international representatives and more structured guidelines
for esports tournament organisers will aid the growth of
esports within the country.

“We are absolutely
thrilled with this decision by Sport New Zealand.
Recognition of the NZESF as the official National Sporting
Organisation for esports is a key step in moving esports
forward,” says NZESF President Ben Lenihan on last
week’s ruling.

“With this official support we are
able to help regulate framework around esports to ensure
fair play for all, fund growth of the industry and provide
education on what esports is and how New Zealanders can get
involved” Lenihan explains. “We can also begin to put in
place a clear pathway from community groups and fun online
play to young New Zealanders becoming esports professionals.
We are confident that New Zealand can punch above its weight
in esports, as it does in so many other

Core objectives of the NZESF moving forward
include supporting esports nationally, helping to boost
solely volunteer organisations to be able to provide
employment opportunities, creating career pathways and
advancing the industry. Funding will allow community groups,
councils and schools to be educated around esports and will
support development from grassroots clubs to professional
organisations and country

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