The club, which held tryouts in January, practices in the library multiple times a week for a few hours after school, with five players on the gaming computers and the other five using laptops and other computers.

Cedar Cliff will compete in its first match Wednesday, and the regular season will last eight “rounds,” through March 14, against teams along the east coast, Haun said. Perform well enough — Haun said she has two “strong” players and the other three starters are relatively new but showing promise — and Cedar Cliff qualifies for the playoffs, which begin March 23. The finals are April 25.

The club will set up a viewing monitor in the main library for friends and fans to watch matches live, and Haun said they have created a Twitch channel: for fans to watch on their phones or at home.

There are currently two seasons — the winter season for League of Legends, and the fall season for Overwatch, another massively popular team-based shooting game. Haun believes she has quite a few “absolutely stellar” Overwatch players and is excited for that season. She hopes to get more computers to field two varsity and two JV teams of six for Overwatch that year — NASEF allows schools to field more than one team.

Haun is proud of the diversity on the team — two girls, students from different demographics and socioeconomic situations, one of the girls is in the school’s musical this year — and she has a student volunteering as an equipment manager maintaining the computers.

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