Recently, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang claimed that Nvidia-powered gaming laptops will beat the PS5 and Xbox Series X to be the most popular ‘console’ in the world – a pretty bold claim, but how likely is it?

Even without knowing the specs of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, there’s a good chance that gaming laptops will be able to match the two upcoming consoles when it comes to performance. 

Games consoles these days should last around five years before another generation arrives, so even if only the most powerful gaming laptops will be able to compete with the PS5 when it launches at the end of 2020, you can be sure that in five years’ time, the majority of gaming laptops will.

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While power isn’t a concern, price certainly is. We don’t know much about the PS5’s price at the moment, but it’s a decent bet that it will be under $500/£500. While that’s pretty expensive for a game console, it’s impossibly cheap for a gaming laptop, and I have a feeling that the PS5 will certainly beat gaming laptops at that price for a good while – especially if Sony realizes the PS5’s 8K gaming ambitions.

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