Raving Mad Gamerz

Notable of the events among the eSports events calendar for Raving Mad Gamerz in 2020 is the introduction of the Premier Open qualifiers and hosting of a LAN competition every two months. 

South African based eSports organization, Raving Mad Gamerz, has released its eSports events calendar for the year 2020, with competitions like the Premier Open qualifiers being introduced for the first time.

Last year, Raving Mad Gamerz enjoyed some successes as it hosted several online and LAN tournaments including the Apex Legend 2nd Kill Race LAN tournament, and the organization is keen on making this year even better.

The release of the events board indicates that new competitions will be featured. Notable among these new introductions are the Premier Open qualifiers as well as the hosting of a LAN competition every two months.

Raving Mad Gamerz

2020 events board for Raving Mad Gamerz

The events for the year have been categorized into online tournaments and LAN tournaments.

For the online tournaments, there will be the Premier Open qualifiers which will be held on 17th February 2020 and the Summer League will be held on 5th April 2020. The July Winter League and the October Spring League will also come off on 5th July and 4th October 2020 respectively.

For the LAN tournaments, the first which is the Alpha LAN tournament will be held between 29th February and 3rd March 2020 and will include titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends and Modern Warfare.

The subsequent LAN tournaments will feature the TBA title with the Delta LAN tournament being held on 25th April to 27th April 2020. The Omega LAN tournament will follow between 13th and 16th June, Madx from 8th to 10th August, the Halloween from 30th October to 1st November and the Penta LAN tournament from 11th to 12th December 2020.

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