Center Valley, PA (May 8, 2020) – Senior Spotlight Series; Al Kloss, Tyler Dagge, Hubert Whan Tong.

Hubert “Santa Gragas” Whan Tong

Hubert took a strong leadership role since the beginning of the program—making new players feel welcome and always willing to do whatever it took to make this program grow. Lacking a Middle Lane Player, Hubert graciously pivoted from Jungle to play Mid. As Team Captain he helped students navigate murky waters of college life and varsity demands while learning more about the game and leadership. I am proud to say that Hubert was the first esports player to ever “sign on” for DeSales University.

Al “Saltopus” Kloss

Al is a steady force who has always kept things light and focused on team chemistry. Adaptable, cheerful, and welcoming, Al was an excellent addition to our team since the very first match on campus. I am incredibly proud to include Al as a part of the first esports team at DeSales.

Tyler “Tyrishkid” Dagge

Tyler is always a pleasure to talk to. I see him often on campus and in the arena. He was never afraid to broach hard topics to help the program grow in its first year of existence. Tyler also helped with any technical problems that cropped up in the arena to keep our computers running efficiently. I will miss his personality in the arena but know he will have a bright future.

Program Director Karen Ruggles League of Legends Senior Reflection
This Spring we graduate three students who were part of the first esports team at DeSales University. They all played League of Legends together and took part in the first esports game on campus back in Spring of 2019. Our League of Legends Team and especially these three seniors were really the life blood of our esports program. They were ready and willing to learn and grow with me as we figured out how esports would fit here at DeSales University. Hubert, Al, and Tyler have each grown in game knowledge, mechanics, and team fights but also as students, friends, and individuals. I will always be grateful for their dedication, patience, and comradery. We will miss them but know that each has a bright future with fond team memories to keep them coming back to their DeSales Home.


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