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Source: Scout
Source: Scout’s Management

Day 2 of the Scout Invitational Tournament was full of excitement, and there were a lot of changes in the standings of the competition.

In the four matches played on Day 2, Team Mayhem put on an all-round performance to top the charts with 86 total points. Following Team Mayhem, Initiative Esports finished 2nd on the list with 86 total points as well, but with 10 fewer kill points than the table toppers.

However, both teams managed top the table at the end of Day 2 of the Scout Invitational Tournament, and will be level on points going into Day 3.

Scout Invitational Tournament Day 2: Overall Standings

Final Standings (Source: Scout
Final Standings (Source: Scout’s Management)

Interestingly, the first runner-up of PUBG tournament PMIS 2019, God’s Reign, showed some improvement and managed to finish at the 14th position.

Similarly, Raw Officials, a well-known name in the Indian gaming community, surged from the last five spots on the table to finish at the 12th position.

An all-time favourite and kings of FPP, Omen Elite, managed to breach the top three in the final standings of Day 2 of the Scout Invitational Tournament.

21-30 (Source: Scout
21-30 (Source: Scout’s Management)

The tournament will go on till May 13, and all four groups A, B, C, and D will be playing against each other for three consecutive days.

The list of teams for the semi-finals will have 16 underdogs (from all across the world) and 16 top teams from the PMPL South Asia region. The list has a lot of new names, which many have never heard of before, although most teams have participated in the PMIS, the PMCO, and other top competitive tournaments.

30-40 (Source: Scout
30-40 (Source: Scout’s Management)

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