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Today, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announced its decision to reschedule upcoming qualifier rounds of the TEKKEN World Tour 2020 (TWT2020) and SOULCALIBUR World Tour 2020 (SCWT2020) events. According to the release, the decision was made in response to international travel restrictions and the possible “contagion factor” for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at “large public gatherings and esports events.” 

The TEKKEN World Tour has a prize pool of $200K USD, while SOULCALIBUR’s prize pool has not been revealed.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has said that the decision is solely about the health and safety of tournament competitors, staff, and audience members. Also, by delaying both of these events, it will hopefully provide an opportunity for official tournament series qualifiers to take place later in the year. 

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment listed the following changes:

 TEKKEN World Tour 2020: 

The organizers of the Norcal Regionals (San Jose, March 10) intend to proceed with an event as scheduled, but it will not serve as an officially sanctioned TWT qualifying and the company will not be involved.

The Mixup (Lyon, France – 4/18/20)  will be rescheduled at a date and time to be determined.

SOULCALIBUR World Tour 2020:

Organizers of Final Round (Atlanta, March 20)  will proceed at the presently scheduled time and place, but will not serve as an officially sanctioned SCWT qualifying round and will not involve the company. 

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment said that it is actively monitoring and evaluating coronavirus developments and will provide updates on new tournament dates, finals qualification criteria, and points tallies as soon as possible.

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