If you’re working from home due to the global coronavirus pandemic, you’re likely facing some new challenges, such as figuring out which games to play while pretending to work from home. That’s a tough decision, but we’ve got your back.

Even without anyone looking over your shoulder, juggling gaming and work is a fine art. While you might be tempted to log into Destiny 2, the reality is games like that tend to be too involved—you have to focus 100 percent, and God help you if your boss suddenly calls wanting a status update. That’s why I’ve rounded up some great games that you can play on your terms and that don’t require too much focus or input to enjoy. These games are also especially good if you’re being forced to use software like Zoom to telecommute to work because they’re chill enough no one will realize that instead of staring at an Excel spreadsheet, you’re actually conquering ancient China. (Just don’t let Zoom narc on you.) 

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