Ok, so not strictly a console here but important when considering your console. Most of the biggest and most played games right now are available across all the platforms, or at least most of them. The exclusive titles mentioned above are all unique selling points for the console but here are a few monster games to consider.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare + Warzone

This is the one you’ve probably seen the most talk about recently as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (affectionately known as COD) has really taken over. It came out towards the end of October in 2019 and it became the best selling game of the year, which is no mean feat considering it only had two and half months to beat the competition. The latest instalment of the FPS (first person shooter) franchise has just upped the stakes, with impeccable graphics and a beefed up online mode but a few days ago, the biggest got even bigger.

Warzone is the free-to-play add-on that anyone can download for no cost at all and the ‘Battle Royale’ spectacular has had over 30 Million players drop down into Verdansk in the 13 days since release. Whether you opt for the full version or just grab Warzone, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find some mates to squad up with. Grab this on Xbox, PS4 and PC.

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The iconic football game runs like clockwork every year. Sometimes EA Sports don’t change much, sometimes it pretty much the same as the year before but does that stop us buying it? Absolutely not. The soundtrack still has gems, the Ultimate Team mode is as expansive than ever and who doesn’t like playing as their favourite League One team and whopping Real Madrid, 4-0. Some opt for PES, others Football Manager, but FIFA is the ol’ reliable and has been for many years. You can grab FIFA 20 on pretty much every console out there right now.

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Ok so this is pretty much the OG ‘Battle Royale’ game. 100 players, last man standing wins. It’s swept the world and stirred up a global frenzy, it’s been on the news, it’s had kids addicted and even Marshmello played a virtual set in the game. Chances are your parents have heard of this one and while Apex Legends and Warzone offer viable ‘Battle Royale’ alternatives, you can’t deny Fortnite’s popularity. Also, it’s just damn fun, free-to-play and on all the consoles.

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Anything by Rockstar

The enduring legacy of Rockstar Games cannot be understated. The gaming giant is responsible for the best games ever released. Aside from smaller, cult favourites like Midnight Club, Bully and Manhunt, there are ongoing classics and new releases that will keep you occupied for literally, days on end. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the powerhouse’s latest release and the Western epic is a glorious rendition of one cowboy’s journey through the dangerous yet stunning wild west. It’s a long player that once you get engulfed by, it’ll be hard to put down.

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Then there’s the big don, the undisputed king of the ring. We’re talking about Grand Theft Auto V, a game that despite being released in 2013, remains one of the most relevant and played games on the market. With constant updates, including the surreal and joyous After Hours expansion featuring Dixon, The Black Madonna and Solomun, it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the game or have been seshing it for seven years, it’s a riveting experience.

The soundtrack of course, is insanely good and follows tradition of showcasing electronic music in full view so ravers always have fun with it. The online mode only boosts its longevity and to be quite honest, if you only buy one game, this one’s probably it.

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