Tis the season of Xbox One sales it seems. As we rapidly approach the launch of the next generation of home consoles (it’ll quickly sneak up on us, don’t you worry) we are being treated to some great discounts on the current crop of premium consoles and this Xbox One sale is a great manifestation of that. 

Walmart is currently selling the Xbox One X – literally the most powerful console you can get your hands on right now – for its lowest ever price (as far as we can tell): there’s a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle going for only $299, a Gears 5 bundle also for $299, and for sports ball fans, an NBA 2K20 bundle that’s going for the same price. This is a seriously good deal for the console and feature games that are actually desirable and exciting.

To sweeten the deal further you’re also getting a 1-month code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Or, for an extra $10 you can upgrade that to a 3-month deal instead. The Game Pass is a superb way into the Xbox library and offers so many options of games to play rather than just the one that comes with each bundle.

The ‘proper’ list price of these Xbox One X bundles is still technically 500 dollars so in comparison to that, this represents an enormous saving. However, the headline is still that these are lowest ever prices, come with great games, and a reduced game pass deal too. Quality.

Xbox One X sale

Xbox One X | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | 1-month game Pass Ultimate | $299 at Walmart ($309 with 3-month Game Pass Ultimate)
You can get your hands on a 4K-ready console with one of the best games of 2019 for far less with this deal. Fallen Order is one of the best Star Wars games in years actually and is well worth diving into.
View Deal

Xbox One X | Gears 5 | Gears of War 1-4 | 1-month Game Pass Ultimate| $299 at Walmart ($309 with 3-month Game Pass Ultimate)
Grab the world’s most powerful console and some of its best games at a markedly lower price. A bargain. You’re getting all five main entries in the Gears of War franchise with this deal.View Deal

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If these picks aren’t doing it for you, be sure to keep an eye on our regularly-updated guide to the best Xbox One X bundles. If you’re looking for Sony’s consoles, however, then see what’s going in the way of the best PS4 Pro deals right now, or maybe you’d rather check out the latest Nintendo Switch bundles? Whatever your preference, there’s still plenty of reason to hunt down a current console for a great price.

At these prices, these consoles are a great way into the world of video games generally, even as we gear up for next-gen: read up on PS5 and Xbox Series X to find out what’s coming.

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