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Helping in the growth of underdeveloped eSports areas in the world will be a priority this year for US-based eSports organization, Xit Gaming, according to their Founder Mr. Xit.

Xit Gaming has been instrumental in picking up new talents and training them across the African continent with a typical example being Kenyan’s Queen Arrow.

The Kenyan female has become one of the best eSports players in Kenya and across Africa after signing up with Xit Gaming.

Xit Gaming


Mr. Xit in an exclusive interview with JBKlutse.com indicated that the organization will still help players in underdeveloped areas.

He said, “It’s never about signing the best as that leaves little impact or impressions to anyone. It’s simply not enough anymore to sign the best or most marketable talent because nowadays it’s unimpressive. However, when you can grow a player and help leave an impact on a community be it big or small, that truly creates a lasting memory for those watching.

Xit Gaming
Xit Gaming’s new logo

“For this year we will continue to help represent underdeveloped areas across the world and help them build lasting memories. If we can be a glitter of hope to unknown but eager to develop players, then that’s more than enough reason to continue going another year.”

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